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The Pelvic Floor

Pilates and the pelvic floor go together like a well-coordinated dance duo!

In classes this week, we've focused on the Pilates principles, basic fundamentals and the pelvic floor, in fact the pelvic floor has taken the centre stage. It's the star performer, stealing the show with its strength and stability.

As we engage in various Pilates exercises, imagine your pelvic floor as a reliable sidekick, providing unwavering support and keeping everything in check. It's like having a trusty partner in crime, ensuring your core is rock-solid and your movements are graceful.

During challenging Pilates moves, your pelvic floor might say, "Hold on, folks! I've got this!" It flexes its muscles, keeping you balanced and preventing any embarrassing mishaps. It's like having a secret weapon, protecting you from potential wobbles or unexpected surprises.

As you flow through Pilates exercises, your pelvic floor might even crack a joke or two, lightening the mood in the studio. After all, laughter is an excellent core workout!

Remember, Pilates and the pelvic floor are a dynamic duo. They work hand-in-hand to improve your posture, enhance stability, and give you a strong foundation for all your movements.

So, in your next Pilates session, give your pelvic floor a high-five (figuratively, of course). Thank it for being the unsung hero, the comedic sidekick, and the pillar of support. Together, you'll conquer the Pilates world with grace, strength, and a good sense of humor!

BUTT do you actually know how to do your pelvic floor exercises?!

Step 1 Imagine you're holding a top-secret classified document between your butt cheeks. Squeeze those muscles as if you're protecting national secrets, but don't crinkle the document too much—paperwork can be delicate, you know! (Keep glutes relaxed)

Step 2 Now, shift your focus down south. Ladies, envision your lady parts as a powerful vacuum cleaner. Gently contract those muscles as if you're sucking up an invisible mess. And gentlemen, imagine you're stopping the flow of a wild garden hose. Tighten those muscles like a pro gardener.

Step 3 Hold that contraction for a few seconds, like you're freezing time for a split second. Embrace the power, and revel in the fact that you're in complete control of your nether regions. You're the maestro of your pelvic orchestra!

Step 4 Release and let your pelvic muscles take a breather, like a well-deserved spa day for your down-under domain. Ah, the sweet relief!

Step 5 Repeat this routine a few times a day, like a diligent pelvic gym enthusiast. Soon enough, you'll be flexing those pelvic muscles with the grace of a superhero.

Remember, while pelvic floor exercises may seem silly at first, they are incredibly important for your overall health and well-being. So, embrace the humor, channel your inner secret agent or gardener, and keep those pelvic muscles in tip-top shape. You've got this!

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