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The Pilates Principles

Busy week in the studio - hurrah for Friday! It’s not a Pilates class unless you constantly work with the Pilates principles, here’s a little reminder what they are - have a fab weekend! ❤️ and cheers 🥂 x

The Six

Concentration: In a Pilates class, concentration is crucial, in Pilates its like taming the distractions and finding your inner zen.

Control: Pilates is all about control, but let's be honest, sometimes control goes out the window. Remember, Pilates is not just about controlling your body; it's about embracing the unexpected.

Centre: Pilates places a lot of emphasis on the core, finding your inner strength and stability. It's all about balancing like a graceful ballerina.

Breath: Breathing is a fundamental part of Pilates, but let's be real, sometimes we forget to breathe altogether. Picture this: You're holding a challenging Pilates pose and suddenly you’re gasping for air like you've just run a marathon. Inhale, exhale, and remember that Pilates is not a breath-holding competition, no matter how tempting it may be.

Precision: It's all about aligning your body perfectly, but let's face it, we all have those moments when our limbs end up in more twists and turns than a pretzel. Embrace your inner Picasso and make your unique art out of those intricate Pilates movements.

Flow: It's all about moving smoothly and seamlessly,. Embrace the unexpected noises, turn them into your unique beats, and remember that Pilates is not just about grace; it's about finding joy in the unexpected symphony of sounds.

So, in a Pilates class, remember that laughter is a core exercise too. Embrace the funny moments, find joy in the unexpected, and let your unique sense of humor enhance your Pilates experience. After all, who said fitness can't be fun?

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